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Jul 20

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JO USSING HAS BECOME THE FIRST FEMALE Group Officer in West Region following her election to this position within Lowan Group. She commenced in office on 1 July.
Always up for a challenge, Jo said she was excited about her new role and looked forward to tackling the challenge head-on. She will  be responsible for managing the Group’s operations, personnel, assets and equipment. Member brigades of Lowan Group are Broughton, Diapur, Lorquon, Netherby, Nhill, Propodollah, Winiam, Woorak and Yanac.
“Knowing that brigades in Lowan Group already function well as a team made it easy to accept a leadership role. I’m confident that in this role I will be mentored by some very experienced and talented people.
“I am really looking forward to having the ability to empower those on the fireground and to work in a knowledgeable and skilled team”.
Jo is a well-respected member of Lowan Group, Nhill Fire Brigade and the general community. She joined Winiam Fire Brigade in 2004, but has since transferred to Nhill Brigade as it is closer to home.
“I have a long and proud family history with CFA that dates back four generations. Both my parents and my brothers are CFA members which was definitely a driving factor to me joining.
“One of my brothers was a fourth generation Captain of Winiam Brigade, so when my kids were old enough I decided to join.”
During her 13 years with CFA Jo has held many roles including Communications Officer and District 17 Peer Support Coordinator. These roles have seen her travel the State to assist with major campaign fires, floods and storms.
“There’s never a dull moment in CFA; and I love all aspects of it. Whether it’s the adrenaline rush on the fireground or the social aspects of spending time at the station, CFA provides so many fantastic learning opportunities.”
As well as being an outstanding CFA and community member Jo loves to push herself to the limit and in September is set to embark on a one month hiking trip in remote Western Australia to raise money for Cure Brain Cancer Foundation, a cause close to her heart.
“The 600km journey will definitely test my fitness, but I’m very determined and passionate about raising much needed awareness and funds for the cause,” she said.

Welcome The Fireman Victoria

Welcome to the website of ‘The Fireman’, the longest running publication
within Victoria’s country fire service.
A monthly publication, ‘The Fireman’ is fully supported by Country Fire Authority and is the official publication of Volunteer Fire Brigades Victoria and CFA State Rescue Association and supported by CFA.

Read more: Welcome The Fireman Victoria



Inquiry into the Firefighters’ Presumptive Rights Compensation and Fire Services Legislation (Reform) Bill 2017


THE STATE GOVERNMENT’S LEGISLATION TO SUPPORT THE IMPLEMENTATION of reform of Victoria’s fire services was passed by the Legislative Assembly on 8 June 2017. Without enough support to pass through the Legislative Council it was resolved on 21 June 2017 to establish a Select Committee to inquire into the Fire Services Bill.

The Terms of Reference from the Legislative Council was that a Select Committee of eight members be appointed to inquire into, consider and report, no later than 8 August 2017, on the restructuring of Victoria’s fire services as contemplated by the Firefighters’ Presumptive Rights Compensation and Fire Services Legislation Amendment (Reform) Bill 2017 and, in particular, the —

a. impact on fire service delivery across Victoria

b. effect on volunteer engagement and participation in fire service delivery

c. short term and long term cost impact on fire service provision

d. underlying policy rationale.

The Select Committee invited submissions from individuals and organisations addressing one or more of the issues identified in the Committee’s terms of reference. Hearings commenced on 7 July 2017. The Inquiry will provide an important opportunity for consultation with CFA staff, volunteers and the broader community about reform of Victoria’s fire services. As this edition of ‘Fire Wise’ goes to press the hearing opened on the first day  (7 July) hearing submissions from the Department of Premier and Cabinet, Victorian Volunteer Firefighters’  Association and Volunteer Fire Brigades’ Victoria (VFBV). Refer to page 2 regarding VFBV’s submission. The second day (Monday 10 July) heard submissions from the Officer In Charge and 1st Lieutenants at CFA integrated stations in the North East Region (being Shepparton, Wangaratta and Wodonga), key North East Region senior volunteer representatives (total of seven), Acting Assistant Chief Officer, North East Region, Ross Sullivan and the Rural City of Wangaratta. See our Facebook Page for more information – 351678354181


New speed limits reduce risks to CFA members
New road rules announced by the State Government will reduce the risks to CFA members when responding to emergencies and help them fulfil their important roles more effectively.
From 1 July, drivers must slow to 40kph when passing a stationary or slow-moving emergency vehicle responding to an incident with flashing lights or a siren sounding.
Chief Officer Steve Warrington has welcomed the new rules, which apply to all CFA vehicles with flashing lights or sirens.
“CFA has been consulted and fully supports these changes to ensure greater safety for our members when responding to incidents and emergencies. There have been too many incidents where CFA members have experienced close calls or even worse – have been struck by passing vehicles - while responding to an emergency.
“CFA vehicles use red and blue flashing lights and sirens when responding to an emergency and while attending an operational incident. It’s important that when road users see these lights and pass with care.
“Where there were two or more trucks attending an incident, the area between the two vehicles, at each end of the scene will effectively become a 40km/h speed zone.
“Our members put themselves at risk daily in their commitment to protect lives and property throughout the community. It is important therefore, to ensure that they in turn, have the necessary support and protection.”  
The new rule also applies to other emergency services organisations including Victoria Police, Ambulance Victoria, MFB, VICSES and VicRoads Transport Safety Service vehicles with magenta flashing lights.
The fine for an infringement of the new road by Victoria Police is $277, with a maximum court penalty of $793.

History of the Fireman

Since 1947 ‘The Fireman’ has provided news and information to CFA brigades, keeping fire-
fighters up to date on developments within the organisation. It has also given brigades and
firefighters an opportunity to contribute items and make comments on a wide range of
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